Political Communications

  • Elaboration of election campaign strategy
  • Organization and realization of PR-campaigns within election campaigns
  • Political consultating of political parties, leaders, activists
  • Electoral research
  • Legal support of election campaign
  • Psychological support of candidate

Corporate Communications

  • Development and implementation of corporates communication strategies
  • Personal PR-support
  • Conduction of press-events: press-conferences, press tours and etc.
  • Working with mass media / Information support
  • On-going corporate communication support
  • Development and implementation of CSR programs
  • Reputation management
  • Communication trainings

Marketing communications

  • Elaboration of complex strategies in sphere of B2B and B2C marketing communications
  • Communication support of B2B & B2C brands
  • Development and implementation of media-campaigns to support brands

Digital-communications and Social Media

  • Strategic consulting and planning
  • Development and implementation of information campaigns in internet
  • Reputation management in Internet and Social Media
  • Content creation and marketing
  • Projection, development, modernization and marketing of internet resources
  • Cooperation in internet-media and with the leading bloggers
  • Internet and social media monitoring

External Affairs and GR

  • Development and implementation of GR-strategies
  • Communication support of partner’s projects from business and authorities
  • Shaping positive image of government institutes and bodies
  • Communication support of civil organizations
  • Opinion-shaping within authorities through the creation and spin of PR-opportunities in media and Internet 

Crisis Communications

  • Development and implementation of anti-crisis PR-strategy
  • Consulting regarding anti-crisis events
  • Development and implementation of image-recovery programs
  • Communication support during crisis
  • Elaboration of patterns of anti-crisis reaction
  • Anti-crisis trainings

Communication research and analysis

  • Analysis of information field
  • Communication audit
  • Reputation audit
  • Evaluation of PR-effeсtiveness in traditional and social media
  • Expert and targeted surveys
  • Analysis and prediction of communication risks

Branding and marketing of territories

  • Strategic PR and consulting in the sphere of tourist, invest, social, political and trade marketing.
  • Development and implementation of concept, strategy and program of development of brand of territory
  • Development of graphic and communication standard of a brand of a territory
  • Complex expertise of current state of internal and external brand of a territory